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$1.8trillion in compensation claims against 5 Big Oil is potentially at stake – twice their combined market capitalization – if all major cities with climate risk follow New York City's lead.

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Potential claims against 5 Big Oil cities

PAL's real-time carbon pricing data factors in the true cost of loss and damage caused by CO2 emissions – past, present and future.

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PAL Carbon Value at Risk (VaR) quantifies the log-term financial impact of climate change for investors and asset managers.

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PAL Enhanced Carbon Auditing (ECA) provides full life-cycle analysis and financial carbon risk measurement for projects and portfolios.

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PAL natural catastrophe model and data provide forecasting, risk and trend analysis covering six continents.

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PALcarbon Dashboard

Using the world's ONLY scientifically determined cost of carbon emissions you can now:

Put a $ value on your current carbon foot-print and your future carbon liability risk.

Dollars per tonne CO2 - not simply tonnes of CO2