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With international agreement on climate change policy still a distant dream, the need for individual cities to grasp the financial implications of their local vulnerability has never been so urgent. While we wait for international action to save the planet, City Administrators can now get the Dollar figures their GDP growth needs to achieve in order to safeguard their communities. City Mayors are now more important to the man and woman in the street than presidents or prime ministers.

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Potential claims against 5 Big Oil cities

PAL's real-time carbon pricing data factors in the true cost of loss and damage caused by CO2 emissions – past, present and future.

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PAL Carbon Value at Risk (VaR) quantifies the log-term financial impact of climate change for investors and asset managers.

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PAL Enhanced Carbon Auditing (ECA) provides full life-cycle analysis and financial carbon risk measurement for projects and portfolios.

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PAL natural catastrophe model and data provide forecasting, risk and trend analysis covering six continents.

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PALcarbon Dashboard

Using the world's ONLY scientifically determined cost of carbon emissions you can now:

Put a $ value on your current carbon foot-print and your future carbon liability risk.

Dollars per tonne CO2 - not simply tonnes of CO2